Chronicles of A Pastry School Student

The Beginning

Chef’s Coat via

This month was a whirlwind. There were a few orientations where the Chefs introduced themselves and talked to us about how to embark upon our journeys as professionals. They definitely set the tone for the semester with their passion and seriousness about the culinary industry. We were assigned lockers, toured the kitchens and class quickly started after that. Between Pastry, Bread, Cake and Culinary Production classes, Chef Instructors introduced us to the history of cakes, tools and standards of the professional kitchen, bakeshop math, leaveners and heat transfer.

My mornings usually start at about 5am. I workout at the gym, go home to shower, have breakfast and get to class by 7. So far I’ve had the opportunity to make a variety of introductory projects ranging from cookies and rolls to cupcakes and buttercreams. Out of all the things we’ve learned so far, I’m loving the buttercreams. American, Swiss and French buttercreams are interesting characters, all highlighting different consistencies, textures and mouthfeel. Moreover, they act as vehicles for different flavors—any flavor you can imagine can be interpreted as a buttercream.

We’ve also made so many cookies that I don’t want them anymore. Cookies were the last thing I wanted to bake, (I’m already feeling too advanced after three and a half weeks of lectures and very lab time, lol), but everyone has to start from the beginning.

Below, you’ll see some of the projects I’ve completed:

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