_MG_9915  How to Make a “Tiffany” Gift Box Cake: Part I

When deciding to take on the challenge to do a “Tiffany & Co.” cake, I did quite a bit of research. In my results, I found several different ways to assemble a Gift Box cake. 
The first and easiest method was to cover the entire cake in one layer of fondant, then use modeling tools to create detail. The second method entailed covering the cake in one layer of fondant, then creating the illusion of a gift box top with smaller, strategically placed pieces of fondant. Last, for open boxes, one cake is carved into the box, while another cake is carved for the top. Both are covered separately in fondant…
All of the techniques discussed above are available. Try it today!
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  How to Make a Gift Box Cake: Part II

This method provided by, details how to assemble a gift box cake using one of the methods discussed in How to Make a Gift Box Cake : Part I.


How to Make a Gift Box Cake: Part III

Another method I found to create a Gift Box cake was more time consuming, but yielded the most consistent results. A cake is crumb coated, then measured. Next, fondant is rolled out and cut to the measurements of the cake. The pre-measured pieces of fondant are adhered to the cake to finish the look.


Polka Dot Cake via


  How to Make a Polka Dot Cake

Here’s an interesting method to assemble a Polka Dot Cake. The key to this technique is to slightly under bake the Polka Dots (via a Cake Pop pan), place them into another cake pan, then cover with fresh cake batter. Once baked you’ll be left with a dotted interior.
Learn how to assemble this cake by clicking on the Polka Dot cake photo.

How to Pipe Two Toned Buttercream Roses

Provided by

Provided by

 I first learned of this method at my Wilton classes. In this tutorial, Zoë François–author, recipe creator and Culinary Institute of America grad provides recipes and method photos to help anyone create professional looking buttercream roses.
Try these roses on your next cake or cupcakes…

 How to Make a Roses (and decorate a Cake with them)


This photo tutorial by demonstrates how to make a rose using Gum Paste or Fondant. Instructions on how to assemble a cake using the beautiful roses are included.


How to Make a Lattice Top Pie Crust

This photo tutorial demonstrates how to make a perfect Lattice Top Pie Crust. Practice now so you’ll be ready by the holidays.

Provided by Simply

Provided by Simply


Almond Croissant Demo given by François Payard.

Almond Croissant Demo given by François Payard.

 They Didn’t have Almond…

François Payard gives an excellent demo on how to make quick Almond Croissants. You can find a recipe for croissants by clicking on The French Culinary Terms Bread and Pastry link or buy day old croissants from your local baker for this recipe.


Provided by Helen Fletcher.

Provided by Helen Fletcher.

   How to Remove a Cheesecake from the Pan

This demonstration illustrates how to successfully remove your cheesecake from the pan.


How to Flood Sugar Cookies

Tutorial provided by  The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and Bakers Royale blogspots.

Tutorial provided by The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and Bakers Royale blogspots.

This tutorial demonstrates how to decorate Halloween themed cookies. If it’s not Halloween when your viewing this, take advantage of the thorough tips provided and learn to seamlessly flood, then apply designs to sugar cookies –remember, you can make any type of cookies you like!


Svenhard’s Butterhorns.

I used to eat these, but now I eat the others: Making Butterhorn Pastry

My brother loves Butterhorns like, too much. When he was a small child, he asked for them. As a teenager and now adult, he still buys more than his fair share. He loves them sooooo much he’d probably allow me to pay back a loan in Butterhorns instead of cash.

Imagine my surprise when one day in class, I learned we would be preparing a Re-make of the Svenhard Butterhorn. I captured some photos of the demo below…

Via my own very thorough research (lol), I learned the Butterhorn pastry could be shaped a variety of ways, but the recipes were very similar.  The major difference between the school’s recipe and the recipe I am providing was our Cinnamon Sugar filling and resting. For a similar filling, add 2 1/2 teaspoons of Cinnamon for each 1/2 cup of Granulated Sugar. Also, after mixing the dough, we laminated the dough and allowed the dough to rest for several hours before shaping. Don’t skip the step of laminating the dough–it makes a difference in the finished quality.
Last, we baked our pastry with a streusel, then finished it with only a Vanilla Glaze (This glaze is from a cinnamon roll recipe that is also good!).  Get the recipe for the dough here. Use the following method for making the dough. The Joy of Cooking also has a great recipe.


How to Make Sticky Buns – Technique

This technique on how to make sticky buns is a winner. Cinnamon rolls can also be made using this method.

Technique via Food Arts.

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